Voladuras y Demoliciones Chile belongs to a group of companies dedicated to demolition activities including all the facets related to it: demolitions, dismantlement, scrapping, removal of asbestos and the management and recycling of both toxic and non-toxic waste that might be found in the demolition zone.

We work with our own team of prestigious technicians in the demolition area and also with operative personnel that have a vast experience. We also have the most modern machines which allow us to use the most efficient technique for each procedure.

The keys of our success and of our customer’s satisfaction are simple:

• Professionalism, reliability and compromise.

• Both Specialists and materials guarantee efficiency, availability and safety.

• We use ALL the demolition techniques, which allow us to use the most suitable combination of them for each work.

• Top-quality management of the non-toxic waste and recycling of all of the usable resources.


Demolicion con robots Torre Libertad